Technical Editing

Here at New Growth Knits, I am pleased to offer technical editing services for both knit and crochet patterns. Technical editing is a quality check process that can come before or after test knitting to ensure your pattern is accurate, concise, and easy to follow. During the technical editing process, I will check the following:

  • Maths: Through the mythical powers of Excel, I will make sure your stitches and rows match your gauge and your pattern.
  • CopyEditing: Typos? Grammatical mistakes? Begone, foul demons!
  • Readability: You want me to do what and how? Don't worry, if it can be said more clearly, I'll make it happen.
  • Content: Materials? Check. Abbreviations explained? Check. Stitch patterns? Check, check, and double-check so you don't have to.
  • Charts: Two sets of instructions are great, but two sets of mismatched instructions are not.
  • Feasibility: Are you sure the K2tog is supposed to connect to the C4B? I'll check to make sure the instructions actually result in the finished item.
  • Style Sheet: K4 or k4? Title case or lower case? * * repeat until end or....nitty gritty details make an impression. I'll make sure they make the right one.


I've got a lot of different skills up my sleeve, and I understand that sometimes there are more things a designer needs support with than just making sure patterns are pristine. If you want to free up more time to play with sticks and yarn, you can offload the boring stuff to me. I can be hired to help:

  • Grade patterns
  • Chart patterns
  • Design pattern layout
  • Design schematics
  • Write romance text
  • Write copy (advertising, websites, store descriptions, etc)
  • Ask me! Really, I do it all around here