I currently offer the following classes as a knitting and crochet instructor. In my non-knitting life (wait, is it non-knitting if I bring my knitting with me?), I am a professional educator with over 10 years of experience teaching at all age levels. As a teacher, I work hard to bring a lighthearted, silly approach to my classes, emphasizing with my students that learning is all about the journey, and gleefully embracing mistakes and frogging as part of the fun. I'd love to come to your yarn shop or fiber festival and teach a class, and if you don't see something on this class list, I am happy to collaborate with you to develop a class with your specific crafting community in mind!

Adventurous Colorwork Series

Climbing Colorwork: The Vertically Stranded Method (2-4hrs)

In this class, students will learn the basics of vertically stranded colorwork: creating yarn bobbins, incorporating contrasting colors, managing yarn, and how to correctly strand colors up your work. We will discuss techniques for working flat and knitting in-the-round, the characteristics of fabric that uses the vertically stranded method, and opportunities for future exploration.

Circular Motifs: Mastering Intarsia-in-the-round (2-4hrs)

In this class, students will learn how to incorporate large colorwork motifs into their circular knitting projects. We will discuss the advantages of different methods of performing intarsia-in-the-round, yarn management, and how to tackle partially-stranded intarsia motifs.

Stranding You Can See: Roositud Inlay Knitting (2-4hrs)

In this class, students will learn the basics of incorporating colorwork into their knitting with the Roositud Inlay method. We will talk about prepping our yarn for roositud, managing yarn wraps in flat and in-the-round projects, the kinds of motifs roositud is best suited for, and tips and tricks for designing your own motif.

Designer and Technical Editor Series

A Labor of Blood, Sweat, and Yarn: How to Write and Publish Your Own Patterns (4-8 hrs)

This class is designed for knitters or crocheters who are interested in learning how to professionally publish their original designs. We will discuss expectations for publishing and selling patterns, independent publishing versus submitting to a publication, platforms for publishing patterns, and soliciting for yarn support. In the second half of the class, we will talk about the mechanics of patterns: what information needs to be included, options for designing pattern layouts, the importance of style guides and how to write one, and the technical editing/pattern testing process. In full day classes, students will have time to begin to design their pattern layouts and/or write a pattern submission. Students will receive class worksheets and a free Style Guide Template as part of the class.

Eagle-eyed Crafters: So You Want to Be a Tech Editor? (4-8hrs)

This class is designed for experienced knitters or crocheters who are interested in becoming technical editors. This introductory class will introduce crafters to the technical editing field, set expectations for what technical editors do in the scope of their services, and discuss how to “set up shop.” In this “nuts and bolts” course, students will work through the logistics of the technical editing profession: from programs used for editing, how to set rates and bill clients, whether to use a contract, and how to follow up and communicate with clients to ensure repeat business. In full day classes, crafters will work through a sample pattern and discuss how to address feedback to clients, resources for checking information contained in the patterns, and how to utilize spreadsheets to check pattern math to find out if technical editing is a good fit for them!

Expanding Your Toolkit Series

Two-Color Magic: Managing Colorwork the Peruvian Way (4 hours)

In this class, students will learn how to knit using the Peruvian method of tensioning yarn. We will discuss the benefits of Peruvian knitting and cover all of the basic stitches: casting on, knits and purls, increases, decreases, and casting off. Students will use a fingerless mitts patt ern to explore how Peruvian knitting can transform the way they work colorwork patterns, making yarn management a breeze and resolving typical tensioning problems in stranded colorwork patterns.

Why Do It Twice?: An Introduction to Double Knitting (2-4hrs)

In this class, students will learn the basics of two-color double knitting: how to tame the two-color cast on, techniques for working flat and working in-the round, how to increase and decrease, and how to read a double knitting chart. Students will explore sneaky ways to use double knitting to enhance their everyday projects, from hems, sock toes, pockets, and more!

It’s Cute, but it’s Crocheted: Mastering Hooked Needles for Knitters (4 hrs)

In this class, knitters will learn that if they can master two needles, one hook should be no pr oblem! Students will learn the basics of crochet: US/UK terminology, chaining, magic loop cast on, forming the basic single crochet stitch, slipped sts, and increasing/decreasing. Students will master how to make basic geometric shapes as they crochet their way to their first amigurumi.