The Quickie - $20

These are super simple patterns that would typically take me less than 1/2hr to edit. Like....garter stitch shawls, single shape amigurumi, or a baby blanket with an all-over stitch pattern. 

The Usual- $40

This is my most common technical editing package. Here is where you are going to end up if you have small to medium accessories, baby items with limited sizing, common construction methods, and/or straightforward stitch patterns. Sometimes it's a toss up if your pattern will actually fit here or in the Slow and Steady package, so a good gut check is to look at your maths. If your pattern has a lot of numbers, stitch counts, or multiple sizes, then chances are it's going to end up upgrading to a heavier weight class.

The Slow and Steady- $75

Like to design with complex (or multiple) different stitch patterns? Like to use alternative or unusual construction methods? Got lots of colorwork or both charted and written instructions? Right this way, folks. This is your stop. Patterns that end up in this category tend to either have more math, longer or more detailed instructions, or be simple garments in a limited size range. Also, if you are a non-native English speaker who knows they need a lot of English-language support, you may have a pattern that fits here.

The Biggie- $135

Come one, come all, sweater and garment patterns. These patterns are the whoppers, the "here is your sweater that will fit your newborn as well as your voluptuous grand-mama" patterns or the "look, I made an intricately cabled gansey but with fair-isle stranding!" project. The good news? Your pattern isn't going to cost one cent more than $135, no matter if it takes me 5 hours or 15 hours to edit. 


1-6 Sizes- $225

Need a pattern sized out from your sample? I'm your gal! When you purchase a grading package, I will use Excel to grade out a pattern from your sample and schematic measurements as well as transfer those measurements (and any additional instructions) into your pattern. And since grading usually involves me writing up new sections to a pattern, I hire a backup editor for each and every grading package to make sure I've done my job right. Plus, as an added bonus, every grading package automatically includes technical editing of the pattern, so you don't have to pay for both services. Neat, huh?!

7-12 Sizes- $300

Same thing as above, except more math means more time for both me and my backup editor. Got even more sizes? Talk to me and we'll work out a custom package.


I use Illustrator to make vector schematics, which is just a fancy word for images that can scale to any size without losing any quality or clarity in the image. Your schematic will include a line drawing of your finished item and all requested measurements in both imperial and metric (bonus! no conversions for you!). Plus, you get your schematic back in the following file formats: png (transparent background), good 'ole fashioned jpeg (picture file), pdf (easy for dropping into patterns), and the original Illustrator file (just in case you need it later).

CHARTS- $20-$100

Some knitters hate written instructions, while others loathe charts. What's a designer to do? Let me make sure your pattern has both! I use StitchMastery to chart knitting patterns, and I hand-draw my own crochet charts in Illustrator. This fee covers both creating charts from written instructions or the reverse for those who need a chart written out. The price just depends on how many charts you need or how big your chart is. $20 covers a single knitting chart up to 30 stitches by 30 rows (or 20 stitches by 40 rows, or 45 stitches by 15 get the idea). Crochet charts start at $30. Have multiple charts? Have a gargantuan Estonian lace shawl chart? I'll work out a package price for you, not to exceed $100.

COPYWRITING- $5-$8/pattern

If you've ever struggled to write compelling romance text or shop descriptions that will sweep your customer off their feet and straight into the shopping cart, I promise you are not alone. The good news is that this is one of my favorite services to provide, and I'm actually pretty good at making sure it sounds like it is coming from you! I am happy to provide this as an extra service for $5 a pattern when you are already using me for another service, and $8 a pattern if that's the only service you need. Need a complete shop overhaul and have 30+ patterns needing new descriptions? I'm happy to work up a custom package price.


In additional to simultaneously mastering the laws of nature and physics (on second thought, that sounds like way too much responsibility), I also help designers make their brand cohesive and uniquely their own. I offer logo design or pattern layout design packages for $400 each or $700 for both. These packages include an initial consultation to determine your aesthetic and goals, 3 initial designs to choose from, and fine-tuning the design to fit your vision. You will receive the final design/pattern template file, a color story, a font story including all font files, and your logo in up to 6 different formats and/or sizes to fit your branding needs.


Need technical editing, three charts, a schematic, and a partridge in a pear tree? No problem! Take a 10% discount off the combination of any two packages (excluding single pattern copywriting), and 20% off three or more!