Why Hire You?

I'm probably the only technical editor out there with a master's degree in technical communication, which means the important men in their ivory tower seem to think I know my stuff. I'm also on the ball with my communication (seriously, I'm never disconnected from email....like ever), a specialist when it comes to helping out non-native English speakers, and work really hard to give friendly, helpful feedback. Combine that with 10 years knitting experience, 25 years crochet experience, and some fancy schmacy professional software, and I think you'll find it worth keeping me around.

Why Charge by the Project Instead of by the Hour?

What can I say? I've always been a little outside of the box. Charging by the project offers the best of both worlds: You know exactly how much a job will cost up front, and I am able to offer a fair price without trying to remember to click on and off my time clock every time someone wanders into my office to ask a question. Plus, by the project pricing allows me to bundle services in a way that helps save you money, so that hopefully you'll be happy enough to make a repeat visit.

What Software Do You Use?

I use Adobe Illustator, Photoshop, and Indesign for all design/layout work, StitchMastery for charting knitting patterns, Dropbox to pass files back and forth, and Paypal so you can show me the monies. I'm all sorts of flexible with file formats for editing, so you can hand me PDFs, Word documents, Pages documents, Indesign documents, or good ole paper and pen for feedback.

Which Comes First: Editing or Testing?

Ah now, don't you like the hard questions? Actually, that depends on your point of view. If I grade anything for you, I highly suggest it goes to testing afterwards (with it coming back to editing for one last sweep before publishing), so that other eyes can look over what I've added to the pattern. Otherwise, some people prefer to edit last because, hopefully, your testers will have worked out most of the kinks, meaning a smoother editing process for you.

What's Your Turn Around Time?

Well, just how fast do you need it? Usually, I can turn around a simple tech edit in 5 business days, and any complex work that involves additional services can take up to 2 weeks. My time can fill up quickly, so it is helpful to know if you are set on birthing patterns out into the world every second Sunday after the new moon. Lucky for you, I like to give you reason to come back, so I am happy to reserve editing time for you in my calendar, and then check in with you to see if you need those hours each week/month/new moon.

How Does This Work?

Easier than you think. You Say Hi. I say hi. We decide if I can do what you need in your time frame. After we iron out the details, I send you a contract with your project price and a time frame, and I won't color outside of the lines without permission. At the end of the process, you get a shiny pattern and maybe some cross promotion on my end if you are comfortable. I get a little email from Paypal saying my balance has increased. Everybody's happy. Rinse, recycle, repeat!

Great, How Do I Sign Up?

Yay! I'm excited to be friends! Please wander over and Say Hi!To get started quickly, it helps me to know a) what I can do for you, b) when do you need it by, and c) to take a gander at that fabulous pattern you have there (PDF is fine, and I will ALWAYS respect your intellectual property). That way, I can let you know just which price point that pretty little pattern fits into, and thus, just how many President Lincolns are going to go dancing off into my hot little hands.