There's life beyond knitting garter stitch scarves, and you, my dear knitter, were made to do more. Welcome to New Growth Knits, a community dedicated to experienced knitters and indie designers who want to explore and expand their knitting skills one project at a time.

Ever fall in love with a pattern only to worry you don't have the right skills to complete the project? Ever wonder if there was a better, faster, easier way to execute a certain knitting technique? Ever get frustrated with trying to learn from tutorials and videos that start by teaching you to purl? Then you are going to love it here.

New Growth Knits evolved from the frustration of a self-taught process knitter who wanted to be able to expand her skills without slogging through painfully slow videos that were aimed at the new knitter. At New Growth Knits, you will find posts, patterns, and resources that are aimed at helping the experienced knitter move beyond the "tried and true" to the "holy cow, lemme see that stitch pattern!" Each New Growth pattern is designed to help you build a new skill or technique with a project you are going to love to show off. You can think of the New Growth blog as pattern support, where I offer videos, tutorials, and cheerleading toward the final FO. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter to keep updated on new tips and techniques that will take your knitting from mundane to marvelous.


Hi! That'd be me. I'm April, the multicraftual whirlwind behind New Growth Knits. I learned to sew and crochet at my grandmother's knee, and my love affair with knitting was kindled 10 years ago when my sister casually asked me to crochet her a scarf.....and then handed me a basketweave knitting pattern. As with most things in my life, I am self-taught, but after a year or so of knitting through the back loop, I think I mostly have the hang of it.

Knitting truly is my bestie. 10 years of studying up on every aspect of knitting imaginable, plus a career as a technical editor and college educator, have combined to bring New Growth Knits to life. I truly believe that with the right support and effort, you can learn absolutely anything you want to.  I want to be that support. So whether you're a new designer trying to figure out how to write professional patterns and bring them to market (technical editor, check), a knitter wanting a clear, direct tutorial that will help you jump into brioche stitch (educator, check), or a knitter that just wants to know they aren't alone as they frog back the results of their last attempt to learn something new (self-taught, check and double check), I'm going to be here for you. So join me, my fellow adventurous knitting friend, and let's go conquer the next knitting technique of the year, together!